Work2BeWell National Student Advisory Council (W2BW NSAC)

The Work2BeWell National Student Advisory Council is a group of teens dedicated to the Work2BeWell program and its vision of empowering teens to thrive through access to mental health resources, authentic connections with peers and educators and digital platforms for resiliency.   The NSAC is committed to making mental health a top priority in schools and communities across the nation through Access, Education and Activation.

The council is composed of 15 teens from a variety of backgrounds, schools and states who have a passion for the W2BW vision.  NSAC students are selected through a nomination, application and interview process. The council is organized into three teams based on interest and passion to support and provide input to the W2BW Vision. Each team will have a student lead – the three leads will make up the key leadership for that year’s council and serve as liaisons to the program management team.

All council members will be expected to attend at least one virtual all team meeting a month, as well as an additional meeting with their smaller specialized team. Roughly 6-12 hours a month can be expected for this NSAC commitment, we expect responsiveness on email, joining virtual meetings, collaboration on a variety of tools and resources. Initiative, advocacy, time management, communication, commitment and being proactive are key traits to fit this role.

Once joining the NSAC, students will receive training on mental health first aid, as well as leadership, project development and team building. This opportunity is for teens dedicated to breaking the stigma around mental health and making impactful change in their schools and beyond.

Supervision and support to this group will be provided by dedicated educators and mental health professionals.

Download a printable copy of National Student Advisory Council description and a preview application questions HERE. 

Access Team


  • Reaching out to local schools to share resources
  • Mentoring Work2BeWell Schools, Club leaders

Public Speaking

  • Conferences for students, educators, administrators, mental health professionals
  • Talk2BeWell Podcasts, Webinars

Education Team

Social Media

  • Supporting the W2BW content and creation


  • Planning your own W2BW Mental Health Summit
  • Webinars and Podcasts with the W2BW Team

Activation Team


  • School, Local Community, State Policy changes to support mental health
  • Introduction of state legislation