Coming soon! Watch for our fall release of new modules focused on Grief, Trauma, as well as a Suicide Postvention Toolkit!


Self-Care and Mindfulness (Emotional First-Aid Kit)

In the Work2BeWell Self-Care and Mindfulness lesson, students will create their own emotional first-aid kit to help them reduce stress in tense situations and proactively care for their mental health.
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In the Work2BeWell Stress lesson, youth will learn what stress is, how it develops, the types of stress, the fact that it’s a normal feeling, and what to do when feeling stressed
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Anxiety & Depression

In this short and interactive lesson, students will create their own definition of anxiety and depression, learn signs of anxiety and depression, and know how to respond. The lesson concludes with having students create draft social media posts to assist in launching a school wellness campaign.
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E-CPR (Emotionally Connect, Partner, and Respond)

The E-CPR lesson covers important aspects of youth mental illness, including how common it is, facts on suicide, warning signs, how to detect a crisis in their friends, how to connect a friend with people, and resources that can help. The lesson prepares youth to advocate for their peers without claiming responsibility for maintaining another person’s safety.
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Mental Health Flyers & Social Media Posts

Our Work2BeWell flyers and social media posts are resources to help you share mental health strategies with your classroom or online to promote digital wellness.
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Get Digital Tools & Resources from Facebook

In conjunction with our partners at Facebook, we are excited to highlight additional resources for teens, educators, and parents on Facebook’s Get Digital online learning platform. Here, key lessons, videos, and conversation starters focused on Digital Citizenship and wellbeing empower teens and adults to #work2bewell.
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Critical Conversations

In the Work2BeWell Heart-to-Heart Critical Conversations module, students are provided with tools to be successful during difficult conversations. This module prepares students for heart-to-heart conversations with parents, peers, etc. prior to the conversations, and helps them navigate conversations when they don’t go so well.
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Structural Racism & Intergenerational Trauma

In the Work2BeWell Structural Racism & Intergenerational Trauma module, students learn about what structural racism is and how intergenerational trauma is related. It will allow students to explore their own racial identity and how it relates to current social climate. These modules will also introduce conversations about equity and inclusion, and exploring what action steps students can take to increase their awareness and foster and develop a culture of anti-racism.
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Disclaimer: The materials provided on the Work2BeWell site are intended to be educational in nature.  No behavioral health or any other professional services are provided through the site and the information obtained through the site is not a substitute for consultation with a qualified health professional.  If you are in need of behavioral health treatment, please contact a qualified health professional directly, and if you are in need of emergency help, please go to the emergency room or dial 911.