Implementing Work2BeWell in Your School

Educators and schools interested in implementing the full Work2BeWell model have access to the tools and resources to bring Access, Education, and Activation to life to change the teen mental health conversation in your community.

Follow our full implementation guide or choose your own adventure! Key resources referenced are linked below.




Go Deeper by Becoming a Work2BeWell School

Schools within the Providence and affiliate footprint that are interested in full implementation and pre/post data sharing gain access to key supports. Work2BeWell school applications and accompanying resources will go live in October!

Fall 2020 Work2BeWell School Benefits

Access & Education Phases of Implementation

  • Resource introduction and level setting with school/community partner
  • Formal/application agreement if with W2BW school
  • Pre-access to beta form of new curriculum
  • Social media integration with W2BW platforms
  • Summit perks
  • Connection to local behavioral health leaders to speak at your local mental health event

Winter 2021 Work2BeWell School Benefits

Activation Phase of Implementation

  • Student Advisory Council coordinator support
  • Additional advocacy support
  • Pre/post survey data collection
  • Spotlight on digital platforms
  • Pre-access to beta versions of new curriculum modules (up to 6)
  • Resources for student advisory council
  • Enhanced mental health social media toolkits
  • Advocacy toolkit

(Items in parenthesis in active development for 2021)